Journaling can save your Life in Law School!

If you are convinced you have no time allotted for journaling you may be missing a great opportunity to unload some baggage weighing you down and making it difficult to focus. There's no rule on how much time you should spend on personal journaling but the more attempts you make, even to write a sentence or two, can have exponential positive effects in your legal or medical career. Can't think of what to write about? Below are some good questions to start with. After you've been consistently journaling, you may not need prompting questions to guide you. You may just create your own dumping grounds for all the feelings, emotions, questions and concerns you have throughout your career. Also, there is a link to a medical study with incite as to how helpful journaling can be for your mental health and growing your emotional intelligence, which WILL translate into you becoming a better negotiator and closer.

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