The Importance of Neutrality and Science in Medical Opinions

The ways we extrapolate necessary data continues to make massive jumps now thanks to technology and our better understanding of science. It may not seem appropriate to be discussing the scientific method in conjunction with law but is imperative to rely on the scientific method when dealing with case law and private cases. When you have a judge, arbitrator, lawyer or someone like me who consults on medical cases in order to better understand the situation and rights of parties involved, it is critical to be an unbiased and neutral investigator. Using the scientific method assists in providing objective perspective. There are three different motivations can assist or deter the particular results, and they are emotion, political, and logic or scientific. When someone allows emotions or politics to enter into their investigating and prosecuting process then there is no way to guarantee there were no other outside factors that influenced the end result. Below is an article I found from 1994 that talks about the beginnings of the movement for using the scientific approach when it comes to laws, trying cases, and arbitration. Technology has speed up this movement where now if there isn't someone on your legal team that can provide the scientific approach with the wisdom of neutrality, no stone will be left unturned. There won't be condemnatory data that slips through your fingers. Fault-finding details won't be missed. Medical cases in particular can come down to a hair wire of facts to overturn the judicial and investigative process. Trust Med Code Expert for all your medical summaries and chronologies, we won't miss a thing.

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